WELCOME TO CAMBODIA! 🇰🇭 Border Crossing from Bangkok Thailand to Siem Reap

Join us as we show you how we cross a border on foot. This time we were traveling from Thailand into Cambodia to visit Siem Reap and the legendary Angkor Wat.

We were pretty excited to take the bus from Bangkok to the border but eventually ended up renting a taxi. We were able to fit all our luggage, enjoy a nice stop for food, and it wasn’t that much more expensive. 

In some cases, when we cross into a country, or we’re applying for a visa, we have to show an exit plan and onward ticket. However, as world travelers and explorers, we cannot always guarantee exact exit dates and routes. This is where our partner, OneWayFly, comes to the rescue. 

With only a few clicks, we can book legitimate onward plane tickets, which we can present at the border as proof of exit. So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to use the OneWayFly service.  

Crossing the border took about one and a half hours, and luckily we found an exchange office with good rates too.

Driving to our hotel, we had the opportunity to observe Siem Reap. We could sense the mouth-watering food smells in the air, and the resort town seemed vibrant and full of life.

We checked into the beautiful King Rock Boutique Hotel, right on one of the busiest food streets, with comfortable beds and private bathrooms. 

We settled in quickly, but still, with those amazing food aromas in mind, we had to go out and grab some quick late-night dinner. 

The first place we ran into - well, let’s just say we are not big on unusual meat, let alone intestines, so we bounced to the next restaurant, which, luckily, was a lot more to our taste. 

We had Pad Tai, Tom Yum soup, steamed rice, and chicken soup, and we only paid 11.5 USD! They served high-quality, delicious food at extremely affordable prices. 

Stay tuned for our next Siam Reap videos, where we show you more of what this beautiful place has to offer.

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