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Today we are taking you on a tour around one of the biggest ancient cities on Earth - Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Lying just minutes outside Siem Reap, this ancient megalopolis used to be the size of modern-day Los Angeles. Another fan fact that not many people know about Angkor Wat is that Angelina Jolie filmed Tomb Raider right here in this temple.

At arrival, we headed for the Angkor Wat ticket office. They offered two types of tickets 1-day pass and a 3-day pass. One thing to have in mind when visiting Angkor Wat as a couple or group - you all have to show up and have your pictures taken individually. On the plus side, kids under 12 can enter for free.   

Lined with temples, narrow corridors, and massive towers, Angkor left such a strong impression on all of us. We absolutely loved every second of walking down history lane. Built in the 12th century and spreading across 400 acres, the entire Angkor Wat complex was impossible to explore in one day.

All that walking under the hot Cambodian sun also called for refreshment, so we decided to grab some food and cold drinks right outside the main Angkor temple. 

Our next stop was the Phnom Bakheng. To reach this holy spot, we had to climb up the mountain. There was an option to take a ride, but we wanted to hike instead. 

Good thing we started early because it was already getting crowded. The reason we wanted to get there on time was to witness a breathtaking sunset from the top of the Phnom Bakheng temple. And we weren’t disappointed!

The next morning, we had to rise up early before the sun was out. Why? Well, Angkor Wat is also famous for having the best sunrise views, and we wouldn’t miss that for anything. 

Even though we headed out early, there were already plenty of people waiting for the sun to illuminate the day. 

After such a blissful morning, we went back to our hotel for a delicious breakfast and then headed back out to do some more exploring around the Angkor Wat complex.

This time, we decided to visit the Ta Prohm temple, ad oh boy, were we in for a pleasant surprise! We took some of the coolest shots ever! This is also where the movie Tomb Raider Lara Croft was filmed with Angelina Jolie!

Next was the Ta Keo temple and its super steep, massive steps. It made us wonder if people in the past were a lot taller. What do you think?

And the last stop of the day was the Bayon temple, famous for the over 200 faces carved out of stone.

Back at the hotel, we jumped into the pool to relax and refresh after the long day, and then it was time for dinner. 

We decided to do it like locals do and grab some food by the river. Funny enough, we experienced something called social proof, getting all the tourists to sit with us in the same little food place. 

We finished the night with delicious ice cream, and then we were off to bed!

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