Punta Del Este Uruguay | The Miami Beach of South America

Welcome to famous beaches of Punta del Este, Uruguay!

The first thing you’ll notice as you arrive to Playa Brava is one of Uruguay's most recognizable landmarks - a monster-sized hand protruding from the sand. This intriguing sculpture is called La Mano (The Hand) or Monumento al Ahogado (Monument to the Drowning Man), and it was done by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal.

This art piece was made during the summer of 1982, as a warning to swimmers who visited Punta del Este. Strong winds and rough waves at La Barra took many lives over the years, and La Mana stands here to prevent similar accidents in future. Even though Mario Irarrázabal had the whole summer to finish his project, working with eight other sculptors he made his idea come true within only six days.

Enjoy the video and join in on the fun as we reminisce about our trip to Uruguay a couple years ago.




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