A day in Montevideo Uruguay!

Join us as we reminisce about our past trip through one of South America’s favorite destinations, Montevideo Uruguay!

Montevideo, the capital and the largest city of Uruguay, might as well be called The City of Football, as it hosted all of the matches during the first FIFA World Cup back in 1930. At the same time, this city has been consistently rated as having the highest quality of life in Latin America, so why wouldn’t you pay it a visit?

The first thing you should see in this colorful town is the Rambla, the extensive promenade with numerous parks by the Río de la Plata. However, if you would like to make some beautiful pictures and see how Montevideo looks like from above, go to the free observation deck in the Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo.

Montevideo's Old Town - Ciudad Vieja, Plaza de Independencia, Palacio Salvo, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Museo del Gaucho and Teatro Solís are waiting for curious travelers to explore them.

Enjoy the video and let us know where you're watching from!




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