World’s Highest Rafted Waterfall !!! Rotorua 🇳🇿 100% Pure New Zealand in 4K

Join us on an aquatic adventure as we paddle down the rapids of the Kaituna River in Rotorua!

It was a beautiful morning in Okere Falls, and the sunny weather was perfect for a day in the water.

For this epic stunt, we partnered with Kaituna Cascades Rafting - the first company which dared to “conquer” the “un-raftable” Kaituna River and has been successfully operating it since the early 1990s.

On arrival, we first did all the necessary “paperwork” and then started gearing up. Layer after layer, we put on quite a few pieces of protective clothing to keep us warm in the chilly winter waters.

Then it was time to start learning! We had a rafting crash course with the raft still on land. It was a great thing that we did a bit of training before we actually hit the rapids. It also gave a sense of security, understanding the fate that awaited us.

Once we covered the basics, our tour guide took us to the starting point where we all boarded the raft.

We did a few test runs through some small rapids to check if everyone felt ready and knew what they were doing.

Then we practiced falling into the water and getting back in the raft - just in case someone got shaken off while we went through the rapids.

Excited and hungry for adventure, we were one paddle High Five away from tackling our first couple of serious drops. And WE DID IT!

Woo-hoo! What an adrenaline rush!

And as if manoeuvring down the wild Kaituna wasn’t demanding enough physically, our “daredevil” tour guide made us paddle up a rapid! Just for kicks and giggles!

Then it was time for the most challenging part of the Kaituna rapids - the tallest rapid in the world that you can do commercially, a staggering 7-meter drop for the ultimate whitewater experience.

We continued down the river for a bit, and then our guide had a great idea. He suggested that we all should jump into the water and swim through a rapid. Crazy!

It was wild and scary at the same time, but it was so much fun! We enjoyed every bit of it.

Rafting on the Kaituna River was a truly unique experience, perfect for the biggest thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies.

At the same time, it put both our bodies and our minds to the test.

If only we had a Myovolt recovery belt at the time we were filming in Rotorua, it would have made such a difference! Myovolt is a Kiwi company we recently discovered that invented a wearable massaging technology that relieves muscle stiffness in minutes. You can learn more about their amazing products here in the video or on their website at

Thanks for joining us for an epic experience and stay tuned for even more exciting adventures in the Rotorua area.

0:00 Kaituna Cascades Rafting New Zealand
1:16 Sunny Weather Calls for Adventure in Okere Falls
1:47 Whitewater Rafting Safety & Gear
2:35 Training Time on a Whitewater Raft
3:20 First Whitewater Raft Ride Down the Kaituna River
4:56 Kaituna Rapids Practice Runs
6:13 First Kaituna Cascades! Paddle Like You Mean It
9:14 7-Meter Drop, World's Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall
10:45 Jump In! We are Swimming Down a Rapid
11:54 Myovolt—Wearable Vibration Therapy For Muscle Recovery

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