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Join us for a Live Update from the gorgeous Caribbean Islands.

It’s been over 3 months since our last Live Update from Pakistan. In the meantime, we’ve been to 14 countries on 3 different continents! 

We are currently connecting from Puerto Rico, and in the next few weeks, South America will become our continent number 4 in under 4 months. 

To say it’s been a real rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. We are not showing you much of what happens behind the scenes, but planning all those trips and traveling on a budget as a family of 5, sometimes raises our stress levels through the roof.

Can you imagine the number of different cultures and languages we’ve met so far? It’s incredible how diverse the world is. That’s why we love exploring the world so much.

Luckily, we’ve crossed paths with an amazing company that’s about to revolutionize travel as we know it! We’re excited to tell you about TimeKettle and their M3 travel translator earbuds. 

Yes, on-the-spot, online, and offline translation that will break every language barrier you encounter. 

The TimeKettle M3 travel translator earbuds perform with 95% accuracy in 40 languages and 93 accents of online translation, and 8 languages of offline translation.

They also operate in three different modes: Touch, Listen, and Speak, depending on what type of translations you need. 

When we think about how many of those stressful situations when we couldn’t communicate with the locals could have been avoided, we wish we had the TimeKettle earbuds a lot sooner. 

In this video, we are taking them for a test drive to show you how incredibly efficient they are! 

There is no reason any more to avoid traveling to distant countries just because you don’t speak the language. 

Order your pair at 👉 and get 10% OFF by using our GROWINGUP10 code.

Stay tuned, and be sure to subscribe for more videos from our travels around the world. 

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