Solothurn Switzerland – 11 Reasons Why To Visit & Chocolate Factory Tour

Join us for a tour of Solothurn Switzerland!

Solothurn is a vibrant town of over 16,000 inhabitants. It’s located on the German side of Switzerland and is regarded as the finest Baroque town. You can see how the graceful Italian influences blend with French charm and German practicality. Solothurn is 30 kilometres east of Biel-Bienne, alongside the river Aare and at the southern point of the Jura mountain range.

From the 16th to the 18th centuries, the Catholic town of Solothurn was the residence of the French king’s ambassador and that’s why most of the buildings in the historic part of Solothurn date back to that period. For this reason Solothurn is also known as the "Ambassador's town".

The number eleven has special significance in Solothurn: it was the eleventh canton to join the Swiss Confederation, the Old Town has eleven churches and chapels and the same number of fountains and towers. Additionally, the St Ursus Cathedral took eleven years to build, has eleven altars and bells, and its Italian-style staircase in front have levels between every eleven steps. Unsurprisingly, Solothurn's local beer is also called Öufi –Bier (DE) or "Eleven Ale". There is also a boat called the Öufi-Boat (DE) and a popular bar called Eleven (DE).

Join us as we also visit the Camille Bloch Chocolate Factory and enjoy some truly delicious Swiss Chocolate!




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