Hi, Guys!

Ever wondered where we're really from? People often mistake Julia and Angelique for Russians, and Chloe's rose gold hair screams Irish vibes. 🇷🇺🍀 But the guessing game ends now!

Today, we are doing a special kind of video. In our latest adventure, sponsored by My Heritage, we took the DNA test to uncover the hidden chapters of our family tree. The results? Well, they're holding a few surprises! 🌐✨


Before you start guessing, here’s a little hint. Chantal discovered an incredible 15% Balkan connection, and we found long-lost cousins spanning four continents. 🌍

Curious about your roots? Buy your DNA kit and use the coupon code GROWINGUP for free shipping.

Watch the full video to find out the fascinating twists in our ancestry tale. The revelations might just leave you amazed! 🎥🧬 Hit play and join the discovery!


Enjoy the video!

Thank you, MyHeritage DNA!

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