Today follow us on Day 3 of our journey through Lisbon.

Well, not exactly... Technically we drove 25 kilometers, to Sintra, a small town and a great day trip from the capital of Portugal.

This immensely picturesque and mountanious village was a favourite spot for the Portuguese royals and that's why they built not one but two fairytale castes.

The National Palace of Sintra, in the heart of the old town, is distinguished mainly by its two conical chimneys, reminiscent of brick kilns, which rise majestically above the vast kitchen.

The Pena Palace, on the other hand, looks like a Disney castle with its pink and yellow towers, ornamental buttresses, and cartoonish gargoyles.

You’ll also see the Quinta da Regaleira, a decorative 20th century residence. The gardens were styled to represent ancient secret orders, with hidden tunnels and concealed symbolism.




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