Copan Honduras Travel Guide

Join us for a tour of Copan, the Copan Ruins and Macaw Mountain!

Because of the ruins, in fact, Copán has always existed as a tourism base, so the town exudes an inviting, familial atmosphere.

The centerpiece of a visit, of course, is Las Copán Ruinas, the remains of the ancient Mayan city and temple grounds. The extant structures you see today are built on top of earlier, older temples and ceremonial centers.

The Copán ruins aren’t as massive or extensive as other sites, but none touches Copán for the amount of sculpture and carved stone. And there’s a great museum with a reconstructed temple and some of the thousands upon thousands of artifacts recovered from the ruins.

You can see macaws all around or you can take a tour at Macaw Mountain and learn all about these beautiful birds.

Here you can wander through acres of natural forest and manicured gardens, along walkways that connect to soaring aviaries filled with parrots, parakeets, tropical owls, and more. There’s a great little lunch grill, and the opportunity for some hands-on interaction with gigantic macaws.

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