Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide – Step Into Europe in Central America

Welcome to Antigua Guatemala, a colorful and elegant little town in Central America.

It is a small city that used to be a part of the Spanish colony. Famous for its well-preserved Baroque-influenced architecture, as well as colonial churches ruins, it used to be the capital city. After a hazardous earthquake in 1773, the Spanish crown decided to move it to a new place which is today known as Guatemala city. Some people refused to leave and what was left was renamed into “Antigua Guatemala” meaning "Old Guatemala."

Today, it only has around 30 000 inhabitants, but it is a calm and cultural place with the buildings of vivid colors, clean cobblestone streets and breath-taking architecture, very popular for tourists. It is a really cute place which is also under UNESCO’s protection.

Walking around the city, there are views of the imposing Volcán de Agua to the south and the twin peaks of Volcán de Fuego and Acatenango to the west. There are many lined with farm-to-table restaurants, contemporary art galleries, and design studios. The whole town seems so sophisticated, but in such an unusual way, since it is a combination of vivid colors, Spanish culture, rich history, and Guatemalan spirit and surrounding nature.

With its booming coffee scene and boutique hotels, Antigua is quickly garnering appeal as one of the most alluring cities in Central America and we can now see why.

Enjoy the video and let us know where you're watching from!



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