WELCOME TO SEOUL SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷❤️ It’s Even Better Than We Expected!

Hey guys, in this video, we're taking you on an incredible journey to South Korea, our 119th country! Buckle up for an adventure through the vibrant streets of Seoul and beyond.


Time to Say Goodbye to Malaysia

As you might have seen in our recent videos, navigating Asia had its challenges, but South Korea stole our hearts right from the start.


Booking those last-minute flights from KL to Seoul was a dream come true. South Korea had been on our bucket list for ages, and we wasted no time packing our bags and hitting the road.


Of course, with travel, things don't always go smoothly. First, we missed our bus to Kuala Lumpur, adding a bit of stress to the mix. Missing a flight wasn't an option, so we hustled and made it to KL airport just in time.


Luggage Problems Are a Must for the Puttons

But wait, there's more! We were way over the luggage weight limit, so we had to dig into our pockets. Traveling can be quite a rollercoaster, and sometimes, finding the energy to document the journey is tough. But trust us, our South Korea adventure was worth every ounce of effort.


Welcome to South Korea

Touching down in Seoul, we faced the challenge of finding our Airbnb in the dead of night. Language barriers and the absence of Google Maps didn't help, but our host came to the rescue with detailed instructions. With a little help from friendly locals, we made it to our home base.


Call us crazy, but after exploring two-thirds of the world, you develop a sixth sense for a place's vibe. South Korea's unique energy was palpable from the moment we arrived.


Ready for our Korean adventure, we hit the hay, tired but brimming with excitement for the experiences that awaited us.


Join us as we delve into the wonders of South Korea, and remember, every journey is a chance to discover something extraordinary. 🇰🇷✈️🌆


Enjoy the video!



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