WHY IS LAHORE 🇵🇰❤️ THE HEART OF PAKISTAN? The Beauty, Food, People & More

Hi Guys! In this video, we are taking you across the Pakistani border to Lahore, the second-largest city in the country with a population of about 13 million. 


From securing visas to money exchange - our first moments in Pakistan seemed rather hectic, but we were determined to make the best of our visit.



One of the first places we visited in Lahore was the Badshahi Mosque, a.k.a. the King’s Mosque. This is the biggest mosque in Pakistan, and you can see it on the 500 Rupee bill. 


Next, we headed for the Lahore Fort and were absolutely surprised by how big and clean the Fort was. Luckily we found a great driver who doubled as a tour guide and helped us understand Pakistan’s rich history.

After such an eventful visit and tons of selfies with the locals, it was time to grab a bite and replenish our energy. We decided to try some delicious street food, and we really liked some of the dishes, including golgappas for the first time.


Later that night, we arranged to meet our fellow Kiwi travelers for dinner in a bustling food street in Lahore next to the Fort. Lined with rooftop restaurants and hundreds of street food stalls, we felt like we were transported into the world of Aladdin.

Early the next morning, our first stop was at the Jazz Mobile store to get a Pakistan sim card. In case you are looking for an even easier way to get connected, you can now buy an E-Sim at https://growingupwithoutborders.com/esim.


Our next stop was the Lahore Museum which happened to be the largest one in Pakistan. Since we didn’t know much about the history of the country, the museum visit gave us a different perspective of the country.

On the way back to our accommodation, we spotted a Carrefour market and took the opportunity to grab some fresh food and groceries.


At the end of the visit, we said goodbye to our more than wonderful driver, who went above and beyond to keep us comfortable during our visit to Pakistan. 


Stay tuned for more upcoming videos from Pakistan and our adventures around the world, and don’t forget to hit that bell button never to miss an update!

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