Malé MALDIVES 🇲🇻 A Ride Around Malé City – Capital of the Maldives Islands

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When talking about this tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean, the first thing that comes to mind is white-sandy beaches, turquoise water, and luxury resorts.

Inspired by all those paradise-looking videos, we wanted to show you a different side of the Maldives, a story inspired by the rich local life and culture of Malé.

After spending a week in paradise at the Conrad Maldives Resort on Rangali Island, we caught a seaplane back to the Malé International airport. In case you missed our tour of the most lavish and luxurious resort we have ever stayed at, including an overwater villa, undersea restaurant and sunset dolphin cruise, you can find it here at

After arriving at the airport, we had a shuttle waiting to take us to our hotel in Malé for the night.

Our check-in at the Coconut Tree hotel was fast and easy. The staff were very friendly and treated us to some refreshing welcome drinks.

The following morning, we started the day with a complimentary breakfast, including lentils, fish curry, and scrambled eggs.

Then we caught a taxi to the city center where we met our local tour guides and fellow travelers, Yappe & Saai! You can find their beautiful pictures and follow their adventures on Instagram @maldiviancouple

We started our tour at the once tallest building in town - Malé’s Oldest Mosque, then continued on to the Mulee'aage (Maldives’ Presidential Palace and home to the current president), and then saw the actual tomb of Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary - the man who brought Islam to the Maldives.

Next, our lovely local friends took us to the biggest park in Malé, called Sultan Park, and showed us a once-palace which later became Maldives Supreme Court. An interesting fact about this building says that they found a golden toilet inside!

Piercing through heavy traffic in rainy weather, we found ourselves at the Malé fish market. The selection was amazing, and knowing that net-fishing was forbidden and all those fish were caught in a traditional way, made the size of the market even more impressive.

From there we moved on to the fruit and vegetable market where all sorts of high-quality local produce was sold. We even tried a local treat that was really delicious.

Another taxi ride and we were at a traditional Maldivian restaurant. We had an absolute feast for lunch - a table full of traditional dishes, curries, rice, sauces, deep-fried fish, and coconut flakes. The delicious drinks and desserts didn’t disappoint either.

Back on the street, we noticed there were many parked bikes and it reminded us of our trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Sadly, we only had one short day to spend in Malé, so it was soon time to say goodbye to our new friends. They even refused to send us away empty handed, and gave us some their locally-made coconut oil as a farewell gift ❤️

Our time in the Maldives was truly unforgettable and we highly recommend a visit to this beautiful country.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for our upcoming videos as we explore every country in the world!

0:00 Meet Our Local Tour Guides in the Maldives
1:14 Hello from Malé, Maldives
1:25 Malé International Airport
3:06 Coconut Tree Hotel Maldives
4:46 Malé’s Oldest Mosque
4:56 Mulee'aage - Maldives’ Presidential Palace
5:11 Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary Grave
5:30 Sultans Graveyard Malé
5:56 Sultan Park Malé
6:14 Maldives Supreme Court
6:40 Malé Fish Market
10:01 Amazing Local Produce in Malé
11:22 Enjoying Local Food for Lunch in the Maldives
14:00 Maldives Coconut Oil

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