FOOD IN INDIA IS AMAZING!!! 🇮🇳😋 Grand Hyatt Kochi Kerala Luxury Houseboat

Hi Guys!

It was only a few days into our Indian adventure, and we were already falling in love with the country. 

As you probably know, we often work with big names in the hotel industry, and this time we partnered up with Grand Hyatt Bolgatty Kochi for one of our most unique stays. 

So here’s how it went:

Grand Hyatt Bolgatty Houseboat & Incredible Indian Food

Arriving at the Grand Hyatt Bolgatty hotel late in the evening, we were warmly welcomed and escorted to, you guessed it, a BOAT!

Yes, you read that right. When the Grand Hyatt Bolgatty told us they had a fancy riverboat, we were like, “Yes, please!” It sounded so exciting, but in reality, it exceeded our expectations. 

After we got settled, it was time for dinner, but little did we know we were going to walk into a massive international feast! Indian, Asian, Arab, American - there were so many mouth-watering delicacies and specialties from around the world that we fell into a food coma. 

After such an amazing culinary experience, we allowed the gentle river to rock us slowly into sleep.

Amazing Indian Breakfast at Grand Hyatt Bolgatty

Early in the morning, we set sail on Kochi’s Backwaters. Exploring the river was such an enjoyable experience, especially knowing that we would go back to an incredible breakfast!

And the Grand Hyatt Bolgatty delivered once again! Pastries, cheeses, fruit, juices - for a moment, it felt like we were back in Europe! We loved that the hotel’s Manager joined us for a quick chat and a nice cup of morning coffee to make sure we had all our needs met at their property.

Why is India Such a Special Country for Us?

I guess it’s obvious how much fun we were having in India. But do you know why it’s such a special place for us? Well, because India was country ONE HUNDRED for us! 

So exciting! And we love that we reached such a milestone precisely in India!

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