IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai 🇦🇪 Indoor Theme Park Best Rides + Complete Tour

Join us for a tour of IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai’s largest indoor theme park!

This is the perfect place to go on a hot day in Dubai since it’s all air-conditioned and you can experience all the thrill seeking rides indoors that you’d normally find at an outdoor theme park.

Since we had already been in Dubai for a few weeks and had seen quite a bit of the city, we decided to spend our cruise day in Dubai at IMG World. It’s about 40 minutes from the cruise port and was the perfect place for an epic day of adrenaline-pumping, thrill seeking rides. It’s a Marvel SuperHero themed park and our girls were totally into it as they’re huge fans of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers.

Since it was the month of December, IMG World was all decked out for Christmas and they even had snow!! Well...not real snow of course since it is Dubai after all.

Here’s a quick preview in order of each ride we did.

We started with the Avengers Battle of Ultron which is a 3D ride where you join the fight with Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Hulk to defeat the evil villain Ultron. It reminded us of the Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios.

Since we had already had a big breakfast onboard the cruise we were well fed. However, if you get hungry, there are many restaurants on site including Tony Stark Skydeck which offers a great selection of steak & seafood with Iron Man!

Next up was Spiderman. This was such a fun ride since it was an actual roller coaster that spun at the same time which made us feel just like Spiderman jumping from building to building.

We stopped for a quick, much needed, coffee and walked toward the Haunted House which none of us dared to go in. 😱

The most exciting ride is the Velociraptor and from the lines we could tell this is their flagship attraction. It goes outside and into the desert of Dubai itself! It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted since it’s lightning fast and Six Flags thrilling.

We then entered the Forbidden Territory which took us back in time to the dinosaur era with its realistic full-sized dinosaurs!!!.

A more relaxing time was through the Cartoon Network which was a fantastic way to get an overview of the whole park. Chloe decided to narrate what we heard on the ride and debut her first ever voice acting performance. 🤩

Next up was The Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage which Julia and Chloe did over and over again. I guess it was that good!

For those of you who enjoy cartoons, they also have a movie theatre which plays non-stop cartoons.

We all did The 3D Hulk Ride which reminded us of being in an IMAX theatre. They call it a stereoscopic cinema dome which made you feel like you were spinning all while being part of Marvel’s Hulk battle against his deadliest foe.

Chloe and Julia tried the Predator next which was thrilling and a real rollercoaster with big drops and upside down loops.

The last ride the girls did was Thor's Thunder Spin and the name tells it all..

IMG World closes at 11pm and we definitely had loads of time to experience it all since we had the park pretty much to ourselves.

We finished the day back on board the MSC Bellissima with a tasty steak dinner at The Butcher’s Cut followed by a fun time at the arcade with its 7D Cinema.

As the day was coming to an end, we went to our state rooms and were surprised with a gift of captain's hats from MSC. We decided to wear them down to the safety meeting before we set sail.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for our next adventures in the Persian Gulf!

1:31 Welcome to IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai
2:55 Snow in Dubai!
3:24 IMG World Tickets and Pricing
3:37 Tony Stark's Skydeck Restaurant
3:40 Avengers Battle of Ultron
4:49 Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge
5:24 Coffee House
5:39 Haunted Hotel
6:00 Velociraptor
7:26 Forbidden Territory
7:41 IMG World of Adventures Map
7:50 Cartoon Network - Chloe's Voice Acting Debut
9:01 Ropes Park
9:15 Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage
10:04 Hulk Epsilon Base 3D
10:34 Predator
11:50 Adventure Fortress
11:56 Thor Thunder Spin
12:35 Back to the MSC Bellissima
12:40 The Butchers Cut MSC
13:50 7D Cinema
14:30 Bowling / Arcade
14:58 Captains Hat and Safety Check
15:45 Start of our Dubai Cruise!!!

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