Dubai UAE 🇦🇪 First Impressions of the City of Gold – Airport, Mall & Marina

Join us as we start exploring Dubai - the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

Our journey to Dubai started in Switzerland with a train ride to the Basel airport. Trains are pretty quiet in Switzerland but very fun to travel by. Everything runs smoothly and on time.

Next, we jumped on a plane to Budapest. The Wizzair flight allowed for limited luggage, but we made it work. Little did we know we were going to be away for two years … or more!

It was a short flight, so we soon arrived in the capital of Hungary. Figuring out the taxi service was relatively easy. They run an Uber-like system where you get a ticket at the taxi booth and wait in line until it's your turn. The price of the ride is already precalculated, so you know you are getting a fair rate.

We were staying only for the night, and after a good restful sleep, we were off to the Budapest airport to catch our flight to Dubai.

About 6 hours later, we were finally in Dubai. Getting through security and customs was incredibly easy. Everything was high-tech and a pleasant experience.

Right out of the airport, we were immediately amazed by Dubai's captivating charm. It's a large city that knows how to leave a good impression.

Dubai truly is unlike any other place on earth. From countless skyscrapers to the long sandy beaches, it's just breathtaking.

For the first two nights, we stayed at a small AirBnB in the Business Bay area with a cool view of the downtown skyscrapers.

On our first morning in Dubai, we decided to visit the Dubai Mall. And guess what the first thing we spotted was? Tim Hortons, of course! I mean, we are Canadian, after all!

Next was a short tour through the Dubai Mall, and it was nothing short of amazing. They have an indoor skating rink and an aquarium, and we even found an actual walking tour through the mall. Can you believe it?

But the outside area was even more impressive. Just at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, there was the famous Dubai Fountain - a choreographed fountain system that puts on a spectacular musical and light show.

Day two was orientation day. We took a walk around the marina and tried to figure out our way around the city center. Later we headed towards the Dubai Mall to meet Chloé and Jordan from "Counting Countries."

We started the night with another Dubai Fountain show and later grabbed some dinner and ice cream.

It was some time after midnight that we finally checked into our home exchange. It was a beautiful house with crazy views overlooking the marina.

We really couldn't find words to describe Dubai, as there is no other place on earth like it.

Stay tuned for more adventures around the Pearl of the Gulf!

00:00 Welcome to Dubai
01:18 Swiss Train Ride to Basel Airport
01:37 Wizzair Flight to Budapest Hungary
02:05 Touchdown in Budapest Hungary
02:16 Budapest Taxi Service
02:41 Our Budapest Airbnb for the Night
03:37 Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
04:22 Flight to Dubai
04:33 All Asleep
05:10 Homeschool at 7 Miles Up in the Air
05:48 Dubai Airport
06:20 First Impressions of Dubai
06:57 Business Bay Dubai AirBnB
08:54 First Morning in Dubai
09:19 Dubai Mall Fun Facts
09:39 Tim Hortons in Dubai
10:00 The Spectacular Burj Khalifa
10:26 A Short Tour Through Dubai Mall
10:45 Indoors Skating Rink Dubai Mall
11:15 Dubai Mall Aquarium
11:25 Dubai Mall Walking Tour
11:42 Dubai Mall Boardwalk Area
12:11 Self-Driving Vending Machine
12:49 Dubai Mall Music Fountain Show
14:30 Dubai Marina
15:12 Dubai Grocery Store
16:18 Dubai “Women-Only” Train Cabin
17:00 Meeting Chloé and Jordan from @counting.countries
17:12 Dubai Music Fountain Apple Store Terrace
17:46 Dinner with Chloe and Jordan
18:50 Dubai Home Exchange
19:42 Dubai Marina View at Night
20:55 Dubai Marina View in the Daylight

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