FIJI BOAT CRUISE !!! 🇫🇯 Sailing Port Denarau Nadi to Musket Cove Fiji

As our trip to the paradise islands of Fiji was coming to an end, there was still so much to see and do.

Amazing Boat Cruise from Port Denarau to Musket Cove!

One of our last Fiji adventures was a day trip from Port Denarau Nadi to Musket Cove in partnership with Coral Cats Sailing. 

The day started with a small setback because Chantal forgot her bathing suit! Luckily, we found a local store and grabbed one just minutes before setting sail.

The Coral Cats Sailing crew were excellent hosts. They made sure we felt safe at all times. They taught us about Fiji's geography, nature, and sealife and shared stories from their previous adventures. They even treated us to a platter of juicy local fruits. Yum! 

With the sun high in the sky and wind in our hair, gliding effortlessly over the turquoise Pacific waters, we felt one with nature. Calm and relaxed, but so excited to experience something new after 2 years of travel hiatus. 

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Snorkeling at Pinnacle Reef, Fiji

The best part of the trip was swimming with sharks… just kidding! Halfway to Musket Cove, we stopped at Pinnacle Reef for snorkeling. Our guides did say there could be some “friendly” sharks, but we only entered the waters for a short while, and (Thank God!) we didn’t see any. 

It was a lovely experience to see tiny fish swimming around the beautiful corals.

Lunch Stop at Musket Cove Fiji

For lunch, we made a stop at the amazing Musket Cove - a very peaceful place with beautiful sandy beaches and a large picnic area, which also had plenty of spots for people to just kick back and relax. 

After lunch, it was time for another round of snorkeling. I guess it gets really addictive once you try it!

With the sun setting behind the horizon, we were slowly on our way back to Port Denarau, where we stayed for a delicious Mexican dinner and a little bit of dancing. 

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Enjoy the video!

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