Discover Cadiz Spain

Welcome to Cadiz Spain!

Does this city look familiar? You may recognize scenes from Die Another Day with since Cadiz played the role of Havana, Cuba in the famous James Bond movie.

You can learn a lot about the history of Cadiz if you follow the changes of the city’s name through the centuries. The Phoenicians called it "Gadir," or "walled stronghold"; then came the Berbers who changed this word to "Agadir," which means "wall." In Greek, Cadiz was called named "Gadeira" - according to legend, Hercules founded the city after his tenth labor. In Roman times, "Gades" was Cadiz’ Latin name. The Moors ruled here for 500 years, and during that time the name of the city was "Qadis."

No matter what we call it, this city is undoubtedly worth a visit. Add it to your travel list and join us for a tour as we walk through the beautiful streets.




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