4 travel related things that will make your child stronger

Taking your children on trips or doing long-term traveling with them will definitely change the way they grow up and also the way they think. They will learn to see the wider picture and their horizons will broaden. Different challenges en route will strengthen their personality. We’ve gathered a few side effects of traveling that will make your children stronger.



Traveling also makes your children more independent. They observe and learn. They observe more diversity and encounter situations they probably wouldn’t at home. They learn how to do border crossings, how to talk to immigration officials and how to take care of their belongings. They learn the importance of keeping yourself and your things, like passport and money, safe. Obviously, the responsibility depends on the age of the child, but the more traveling they do, the sooner they will be able to handle things independently. Dealing with other problems in life will be much easier!     


Overcoming fear

When it comes to (long-term) traveling, it takes some courage to do it even for adults. Especially, when you take someone with you that you need to take care of. You have to get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. There are safer and more dangerous places and situations out there. Your children will be facing many situations for the first time. And some of those will mean facing their fears to handle certain situations.

For example, if you come from a culture, where haggling is not usual when buying items from the local market, it can come off quite scary the first time you experience it. But you have to get out of your comfort zone and give it a try. And if somebody tries to rip you off, you have to learn to be assertive and say no. And your children will certainly pick up this assertiveness when traveling!  

Open mind

Going to different places and meeting people from various backgrounds gives you a different perspective on life. Getting to know different cultures makes you see things from other angles. Throughout life we are taught about the world by our family, friends, school and we receive preconceived ideas about the world. The media often give us a very corrupt picture of the world and introduce us to stereotypes.

Traveling enables you to see a situation and the world for yourself and create your own opinions. And imagine what it would’ve been like, had you had the chance to see the world with your own eyes from a young age!


Friendships are created all the time when traveling. And you can meet people from all over - all over. Your children will be able to meet different people from different cultures and backgrounds and interact with them while you travel.

With the power of social media and different apps you can teach them how to stay in touch with their friends from around the world. And once they get older and go backpacking, they’ll have a friend wherever they go!


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