WORST TRAVEL DAY IN INDIA! 🇮🇳 Traveling to JAIPUR from Chennai

Hi, Guys! Would you ever imagine that moving from one airport to another would require a full video?

Well, our trip from Auroville to Jaipur definitely did!

Looking back, our day started well, and we quickly found our way from Auroville to Chennai International Airport. 

Arriving there, the airport was already super crowded - but we don’t really mind busy places and waiting - so this felt like just another day in the life of the Pattons.

Little did we know, this was going to be one of the least pleasant experiences in all the history of our travels around the world. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to go through security with a drone in our carry-on luggage.

Missing Our Flight? $1000 Drone Confiscated by Airport Security 

Big mistake! Despite trying to explain how important and expensive of a tool it is, the officers wouldn’t allow us to continue through security with our drone. $1000 went literally down the drain. 

Evidently upset, we left the drone behind and ran to the gate because we were about to miss out flight on top of losing valuable equipment.

Luckily it was a short flight to Jaipur, and it gave us some time to think about how we could retrieve the drone. Once we landed, we made one final effort to organize someone to pick up the drone.

Can This Day Get Any Worse?

But the day still had a few negative surprises for us in store. Julia’s favourite suitcase got damaged, and we realized we had paid for a 6-seater taxi with no room to fit the 5 of us and our luggage. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic!

Finally, we found a ride that took us to the hotel. One great thing about India is that you can stay at beautiful hotels for decent prices, just like the one we booked for our trip to Jaipur.

Checking Into Our Jaipur Hotel & Dinner

Checking into our hotel was fast and easy. We got two nice rooms with comfortable beds, which was exactly what we needed after the worst day ever!

We were really tired but also hungry, so we went down to the restaurant and enjoyed our first finger-licking dinner in Jaipur.

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Enjoy the Video!

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2 responses to “WORST TRAVEL DAY IN INDIA! 🇮🇳 Traveling to JAIPUR from Chennai”

  1. Gaurav Deshpande says:

    Hello Ma’am!

    I have been watching your YouTube channel for quite some time now. Being an Indian citizen, I greatly enjoy your videos about your travels in India which have tons of details and excellent editing.

    It is distressing to see that you had to lose your expensive drone at Chennai Airport and I can understand your outburst as well but it does not show you in best of light. Airport authority of India is very strict and the rules have to be followed. As a frequent flyer on domestic Indian airlines, I too have experienced couple of such incidences.

    Regarding taxi incident at Jaipur airport, My advice to you would be to always inform the taxi booking company that you have lot of luggage. Although Jaipur is the Capital city of state of Rajasthan, It’s a Tier 2 city so sometimes you will experience that you have to be very clear as to what you need from the service people. I am sure they will be happy to help!

    Hope you have a pleasent stay in Jaipur! Have lots of Fun!

    P.S. Have you visited Mumbai? If not yet, I would recommend coming in next winter because weather is terribly hot right now and travelling in the city can be overwhelming! If you love bit of Chaos and lots of street food and Bit of British colonial architecture, do visit (There’s lot of other things to see as well) (Yes I stay in Mumbai!)

    Lots of love and enjoy!

  2. Gaurav Deshpande says:

    Hello Ma’am!

    With reference to my previous comment on your Jaipur blog, I noticed that all 4 of you were surprised by the cylinder in the car trunk. It’s actually CNG Fuel tank of the car. Gasoline is very expensive in India so lot of Cab companies buy CNG cars. This does render the trunk space unusable. It is always better to tell Cab companies that you have lot of luggage.

    On a related thought, do you have UBER app? India has a Local UBER called OLA. Its the same as UBER. It is always best to check OLA/UBER rates with local cab companies.

    Lookingg forward to your next Jaipur Vlog! Hope you enjoy your trip!


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