Mostar Bosnia – Home of the Famous Stari Most Bridge

Join us as we visit Mostar - the largest and most enchanting city in Hercegovina with deep Ottoman roots. Lying on the Neretva River, Mostar is one of the most popular destinations in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This town is...

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Sipan Croatia

Šipan, Croatia: the largest of the Elaphiti Islands in Dubrovnik

Join us as we visit the island of Šipan near Dubrovnik, Croatia! Šipan is one of the largest Croatian islands in the Elafiti (Elaphiti) archipelago group. It is also known as 'Dubrovnik's islands' and situated just off the coast...

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Sarajevo Bosnia - Top Things To See & Do in the Jerusalem of Europe

Sarajevo Bosnia – Top Things To See & Do in the Jerusalem of Europe

Join us as we visit Sarajevo - the capital and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a rich history and beautiful landscapes. Lying along the Miljacka River and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, Sarajevo is known as the...

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Visit Belize – Caribbean Vacation and Adventure Awaits at Hopkins Bay

Join us as we visit Belize, on the Caribbean Sea, in the heart of the cozy Garifuna village of Hopkins. Voted the friendliest place in Belize, the friendly seaside village of Hopkins is a cultural hotspot. Hopkins was established...

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Tikal Guatemala – Ancient Mayan City & Star Wars Rebel Base

Welcome to Tikal, the impressive ancient town of one of the most powerful Mayan kingdoms! Guatemala is known for being a region sprinkled with ancient town ruins, and Tikal is maybe one of the most fascinating ones. Today Tikal...

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