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Hi guys, Let’s step together into the enchanting realm of Bangkok, Thailand, where vibrant experiences and captivating moments await around every corner. Join us as we delve into the heart of this bustling city, unraveling its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and exciting shopping destinations.


Modena by Fraser Room Hotel Tour

Our journey began with a smooth flight on AirAsia, landing us in the captivating embrace of Bangkok. After we touched down, we eagerly made our way to our haven in the city, the Modena by Fraser Hotel.


Stepping into the Modena by Fraser was like entering a realm of comfort and convenience. Our cozy retreat was perfectly tailored to our needs, providing us with all the essentials for a memorable stay. The girls, however, hit the jackpot with their spacious suite, complete with a well-equipped kitchen, a work area with a desk, ample storage space, and a modern bathroom. A charming balcony allowed us to soak in the vibrant cityscape, and the added bonus of a washer/dryer ensured a seamless experience for our bustling family. And who could forget the delightful surprise? The Elephant Pants, a symbol of Thai charm, that Julia is absolutely in love with!


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Our exploration of Bangkok's culinary wonders was an unforgettable highlight. With Thai cuisine being our absolute favorite, we indulged in authentic local delicacies at the popular Jodd Fairs Night Narket.. The plethora of choices amazed us, and we decided to embrace the spice with a daring dish. Luckily, the refreshing make-it-yourself icy drinks came to our rescue, balancing out the flavors perfectly.


Shopping  is a Must when in Bangkok

Days in Bangkok were fueled by hearty breakfasts at the Modena Hotel, providing us the energy for our adventures. Our quest for electronics led us to the sprawling MBK Shopping Center, a haven for savvy shoppers. Here, we scoured for treasures and found everything we needed without breaking the bank.


Unbelievably, we stumbled upon a familiar Canadian oasis amidst the bustling streets—Tim Hortons. Chantal's joy was palpable as she savored her beloved coffee, a taste of home in the heart of Bangkok.


Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery & CentralwOrld Shopping Malls gave us a taste of international allure, showcasing renowned stores and luxurious brands. Back at the hotel, we had a sticky rice dessert and called it a day.

The next day, we enjoyed a finger-licking lunch at Modena by Fraser Hotel. Their M Restaurant & Bistro treated us to a full-course meal that didn't only look great but tasted even better.


We decided to use the day for work and loved how the Modena Hotel's thoughtful design catered to both relaxation and productivity, making it an ideal workspace for our work mode. Later on, our venture through the awe-inspiring Benchakitti Park added a touch of tranquility to our bustling day. As the sun set, Terminal 21 Shopping Center called to us - an eight-story marvel with city-themed floors named after metropolises like London, Paris, and Istanbul. 


We Saw the Little Mermaid in Bangkok

A perfect day culminated with a movie. This time we chose to see The Little Mermaid, and the striking resemblance to the original animated movie left us mesmerized.


Our journey through Bangkok was a whirlwind of discovery, flavors, and moments that will forever be etched in our memories. Join us as we navigate this vibrant cityscape, uncovering its hidden gems and embracing the spirit of adventure.



Enjoy the video!

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