IS PATTAYA GOOD TO VISIT WITH FAMILY? 🇹🇭❤️ Beach Life 2 Hrs from Bangkok

Hi, Guys! Greetings from the sun-kissed shores of Pattaya! With a stunning day ahead, we couldn't resist the allure of the beach, and that's exactly where we found ourselves.


It’s Beach Day at the Coral Islands, Koh Larn (Ko Lan)

Just a short jaunt from Pattaya lies the Coral Islands, also known as Koh Larn. Skipping the touristy routes, we hopped on a local ferry to reach this island paradise. It was an affordable and flexible option that allowed us to explore at our own pace. We appreciated the safety-first approach, as everyone donned life jackets for the voyage.


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Enjoying a Banana Boat Ride

On the Coral Islands, we savored the simple pleasure of reclining in comfy chairs and sipping on refreshing drinks, digging our toes deep in the fine sand. But our visit to Koh Larn wouldn’t be complete without a thrilling banana boat ride, adding a dash of excitement to our day.


All Asian Lunch at the Hilton Pattaya Hotel

We had so much fun at the beach that it felt like time flew by. Soon, we found ourselves back at the elegant Hilton Pattaya Hotel. Perfect timing led us to a satisfying all-Asian lunch, a tasty tribute to the local flavors.

Regrettably, this marked the end of our Pattaya exploration. Yet, our gratitude flowed as we bid adieu, especially to the Hilton Pattaya's exceptional staff. Their warmth and dedication enriched our stay, leaving us with fond memories of our coastal rendezvous.

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Enjoy the video!

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