WHY VISIT SINGAPORE? 🇸🇬❤️ City of the Future! Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Hey, Guys! Did you know that Singapore isn't just a city; it's a whole vibrant country? 


This is not our first time visiting this destination. We touched down here back in 2015 when Julia celebrated her 50th country, and now she’s on country #100. Incredible right?


We did so much in Singapore, but before we dived in, we spiced things up with some delicious Mexican food. After indulging in Thai cuisine for the past 10 days, it was a delightful change. 


The Shoppes at Marina Bay in Singapore

Our adventure began at the colossal Shoppes at Marina Bay. This shopping haven is home to luxury brands, and it's so massive that you might need a map! Actually, you certainly do. 🛍️


Next we ascended to the SkyPark Observation Deck to give you a bird’s view of the beautiful Marina Bay. It was such an incredible feeling because it was almost entirely empty, giving us the feeling we had the place to ourselves.

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Boat Ride in the Middle of a Shopping Center?

And then, for something completely different - a boat ride right in the middle of a shopping center! Yes, you heard that right; we were inside the Shoppes, and it was a testament to its massive size.


After walking over 10,000 steps in the Shoppes, our journey continued. We were off to explore the enchanting Gardens by the Bay, a green oasis in the heart of the city. These gardens are home to the iconic Supertree Grove, vertical gardens that lit up the night sky.


Even a quick stop at McDonald's in Singapore felt fancy, much like everything else here. The flavors, the vibes - it was a touch of luxury amidst our adventures. 


Gardens By The Bay Light Show at Night In Singapore

Finally, we wrapped up the day with a mesmerizing night view of the Bay Gardens. You won't want to miss this sight. As the cityscape transformed into a sea of sparkling lights, we found ourselves lost in Singapore's evening magic. 


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Enjoy the video!


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