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Hey, Guys! Today, we're sharing a bit of a rollercoaster journey with you. As you know, we're on a mission to visit every country on this beautiful planet. At the time of this video, Japan was still on our bucket list.


Stuck in Singapore, Japan’s A No-Go

We had our bags packed, several countries to explore, and exciting collaborations lined up. But when we tried to jet off from Bali to Japan, there was a curveball waiting for us. We were missing either proof of a third vaccine or a PCR test, and waiting around for that wasn't in our travel plans.


So, we had to make a game-change decision and postpone our Japan adventure for a later date. The travel gods weren't on our side this time.


Instead, we found ourselves stranded in Singapore. Now, this trip was already proving to be quite the challenge, but we're not ones to back down. We managed to snag a Home Exchange in Singapore, giving us a cozy place to crash for a couple of nights.


Singapore Changi Airport is Surreal

We embraced the opportunity to explore the city, indulged in some mouthwatering local cuisine, and then decided to return to the marvelous Changi Airport, hoping to score a flight to, well, anywhere.


Unfortunately, moving out of Singapore was still a no-go, and our quest for a new adventure continued. We hopped on a bus to Malaysia, but fate had other plans, and we missed it. Finally, after some more twists and turns, we found ourselves nearby in Johor Bahru.Β 


Airbnb Adventure in Malaysia

Our Airbnb seemed like a dream - a brand-new apartment with cozy rooms, a washing machine, and stunning views. But, it didn't take long for us to realize that the internet connection, our lifeline, was abysmal. We toughed it out for a couple of nights, but with work and school piling up for the girls, we knew we needed a new place.


Thankfully, we found another apartment on the other side of town. This switch gave us the chance to explore different neighborhoods and experience the vibrant street food scene, which was nothing short of amazing. The warm and welcoming people of Kuala Lumpur made our stay even more enjoyable.


One surprising discovery was the sheer number of hair salons in the city. It seemed like Malaysians take their grooming very seriously, and the affordable prices meant Chantal even got a haircut herself.


Are We Going to Korea?Β 

But here's the twist - by this point, Japan was no longer in our immediate plans. Instead, we decided to hop over to South Korea and show you the incredible beauty of this country!

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Stay tuned for more awesome videos coming your way! 🌏✈️


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