Hi Guys,  We invite you to join us as we explore one of Singapore’s most popular locations - Sentosa Island. 


Mount Faber Cable Car Ride in Singapore

Our return to Singapore opened up a world of new experiences. This time, we decided to explore the popular Sentosa Island, but not before we embarked on a captivating ride via the Mount Faber Cable Car.


CGA - How We Do School While Traveling the World

But before we delve into our Sentosa adventure, Chloe shares a glimpse of how we continue our education while traversing the globe. It's all thanks to CGA or Crimson Global Academy. What we love most about CGA is the demanding program, the flexibility of the schedule, and, of course, all the amazing people we meet in our classes.


Time to Meet Kent - Our CGA Friend

One of those people is Kent, a fellow CGA student who's called Singapore home for 11 years. He graciously offered to be our guide for the day, and we kicked things off with an impressive 11-story skywalk.


Meanwhile, our parents embarked on their own exploration, diving into the historical depths of Fort Siloso, a renowned war museum on Sentosa Island.


Yet, as anyone who's ventured to Singapore knows, the heat can be quite the challenge, so we decided to grab some slushies to cool off before we jumped back on the cable car.


Universal Studios Singapore - Are We Back in the USA?

Universal Studios was our next destination, although we didn't explore the park itself. Simply standing at the entrance and gazing at iconic American brands transported us back to the USA.


While we were lost in our adventure, our parents enjoyed serene seaside views on the other side of Sentosa Island.

It was a truly special day full of fun, adventure, and learning experiences. We loved connecting with Kent, especially because it’s always to great to meet up with friends along the way. 


But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Reluctantly, we bid farewell to Singapore and boarded our flight to the next destination. Any guesses on where we're headed next? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!


Enjoy the video!

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