Hey, everyone! Today, we're dropping a quick video capturing our visit to the Art Science Museum in Singapore, also known as the Lotus of Marina Bay Sands – or “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore.” Plus, we had the awesome chance to meet two of our classmates from Crimson Global Academy for the first time.


Heading back to the Marina Bay Sands area, we made sure to get off at the right metro station this time, saving us from unnecessary walking. The Art Science Museum, a fusion of arts, science, technology, and culture, proved to be much more than a visual treat. It's a captivating museum that seamlessly combines various facets of human ingenuity.


This sensory masterpiece engaged us with interactive activities, making us feel immersed in the exhibits. Notably, the Attack on Titan anime exhibition stole the spotlight, fascinating the younger visitors.


Venturing into the lower levels it felt like stepping into another dimension. We encountered cutting-edge technology that allowed us to digitize a piece of art proudly featuring the Growing Up Without Borders name.


But the real highlight was meeting our CGA classmates face-to-face. The initial shyness melted away as we bonded over shared experiences. What started as an awkward encounter soon turned into a memorable hangout, especially with the pool adding a splash of fun.


Catch the full adventure in our video! And if you haven't already, subscribe to our channel for more global escapades. 🌍


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