ONE PLACE YOU CAN’T MISS in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! 🇲🇾❤️ Iconic Batu Caves

Hey, Guys! Today, we're sharing a quick video from our time in Kuala Lumpur. When in Malaysia's capital, there's one spot you can't miss - the iconic Batu Caves. This Hindu temple tucked inside a cave is truly special.


To beat the heat and the crowds, we arrived early. However, the birds and monkeys, especially Angelique & Chloe's not-so-favorite companions, decided to join us too.


Despite the girls’ hesitation, we conquered the 272 vibrantly colored steps and reached the Hindu temple. Surprise - we met another travel blogger family there. The world's smaller than you'd think!


After our visit, we followed the golden rule - eat where the locals eat. This bustling spot served up finger-licking dishes.

There was a little bit of a language barrier, but we were blown away when we found out all that scrumptious food cost us only 10 USD. Unbelievable!


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Enjoy the video!

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