KL MALAYSIA FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD 🇲🇾❤️ People Base Jump From Here!

Hey guys! Today, we're taking you to the iconic KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur! 🌆


If you ever find yourself in Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower is a must-visit. Standing tall at 421 meters, it's the 7th tallest freestanding structure globally, offering breathtaking views of the city. But the KL Tower is not just about height; it's an adventure-packed destination.


For thrill-seekers, there's an annual international base jumping event. And if you prefer a culinary adventure, the tower boasts a revolving restaurant providing a unique dining experience with a view!


Even though we were just a 5-minute walk away, the KL Tower was kind enough to organize a shuttle for us to beat the Malaysian heat. Admission is a breeze, and at the time of our visit, tickets were $15 for adults and about $8.5 for kids.


KL Tower Observation Deck

The journey began with the Welcome Photo Booth—a perfect start for our adventure, and then we were off to the sky!

Did you know the KL Tower has a fire-proof elevator? It can operate for 2 hours during a fire emergency, ensuring safety for visitors and workers. Plus, it's super fast, taking only 54 seconds to reach the observation deck and 52 seconds to descend. Crazy, right?


Sky Box - Don't Look Down

The super-fast elevator whisked us 300m up to the Tower Sky Deck, offering incredible panoramic views. The Sky Boxes, made entirely of glass, allowed us to walk "over" the city for some scary yet incredible photos. Conquering our fears was totally worth it!


At 276m, the Observation Deck provided shelter with awesome views, perfect for rainy days or those not comfortable in open spaces at such heights.


TW 100 - KL Tower Walk 

The excitement peaked as we geared up for our TW 100 - KL Tower Walk. This incredible experience included a 360 walk around the tower on a narrow glass path, complete with cracking and shattering sounds. Don't worry; we were in full safety gear and harnesses, ensuring a thrilling yet secure adventure!


Ready for the full experience? Watch the video and drop a comment about your favorite part! 👇


Enjoy the video!

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