FIRST IMPRESSIONS of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!! 🇲🇾❤️

Hey, guys! Today, we're taking you to the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Let's dive into our latest trip.


Welcome to Malaysia Vol.2

Traveling non-stop can be a real adventure; sometimes airports are the less glamorous part of it all. Our flight to KL was smooth, but leaving the airport, we grabbed a bite to eat, and since there were no seats, we had no choice but to dine on the floor. Oh, well!


We breezed through border control. And here's a fun fact: it's our second time in Malaysia. Our last visit was in 2015.


Check Out Our KL Home Exchange

In KL, we decided on a Home Exchange. It's a neat platform that lets us travel the world without breaking the bank. Our place was spacious, clean, and had a jaw-dropping view. If you want to check out Home Exchange, visit  


Our host suggested trying the local hospital food, and we couldn't resist the curiosity.


We scouted for groceries at local stores; it took some time, but we eventually succeeded.



The next day, we hit up the Sunway shopping mall, a popular spot for locals to shop and hang out. But before we dive into that adventure, we've got some exciting news - our BRAND NEW MERCH just dropped and is now available at 


Ice Skating in the Middle of Hot Malaysia?

Back in the Sunway shopping mall, we were surprised to find an ice skating rink. Definitely not the first thing you'd expect in a hot place like Malaysia, right?


Despite the mall's many attractions, we couldn't get Chili's out of our minds; we were craving some American-style food. After a satisfying meal, our exploration continued, and Chantal even got a futuristic head massage!


KL Offered Great Pastries

Our Home Exchange was great, but there was a quirky issue - the fridge kept short-circuiting when we used other appliances. So, we had to get creative with our food.


Luckily, KL had some mouthwatering pastries to offer. French flakey dough is another thing we really miss, so this hit a sweet spot. And maybe it did its magic and somehow fixed our fridge, too. Who knows 😀

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Enjoy the video!

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