Join us for Part 2 of our adventure around the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

Weโ€™d like to give our special thanks to our partner for this video, Almond Hotel Bassac River, and master chef Luu Meng for treating us to an amazing lunch and taking us on a special tour around Phnom Penh.ย 

Day 2 at the Almond Hotel Bassac River started with an unusual breakfast item. Chantal decided to experiment a bit, and she ordered chicken feet for breakfast!ย 

Of course, she had no idea what she was getting, and to no oneโ€™s surprise, and with all due respect to this Cambodian national delicacy, she couldnโ€™t touch them.

National Museum of Cambodia

Our first stop of the day was the National Museum of Cambodia. We thought weโ€™d escape the heat but little did we know they wouldnโ€™t have AC. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our tour, learned so much, and even saw a moon rock. However, we do recommend hiring a guide, especially if you are coming with children.ย 

On our way out, we decided to grab some ice cream, visit a local cat cafe (Angeliqueโ€™s favorite), and continued exploring the streets of Phnom Penh.ย 

Walking around, we noticed an interesting hotel whose walls were covered with art installations dedicated to raising awareness regarding sweatshop factories in Cambodia.

We ended the day with a stroll around the night market and headed back to our hotel.ย 

Culinary Delight with Master Chef Luu Meng

The next day, there was another amazing culinary experience in store for us. The amazing Master Chef Luu Meng we mentioned in the first Phnom Penh video invited us to another of his restaurants.ย 

This time we were guests of the World Dining Restaurant, where we also had the honor to meet this food virtuoso. We enjoyed a mouthwatering feast that was equally incredible to see and digest.ย 

The cherry on top was the home-brewed coffee that really hit a spot, especially for Chantal, who loves a good cup of coffee.

From the restaurant, we headed over to a massive real estate development called Borey Peng Huoth. We learned about the interesting origin of the project and toured the center, which was being built to resemble the famous squares of Europe.ย 

Cambodia Royal Palace & Living Art Show

Next, we returned to the city to visit the Cambodia Royal Palace. The entrance to the Palace cost us $10 each and required modest clothing to enter.ย 

In the evening, we attended a Cambodian Living Art Show where we watched dancers perform in traditional clothing. What an epic day in Phnom Penh!

Overall we had a great time in Cambodia and look forward to visiting again soon.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. Be sure to subscribe and share your comments below.ย 

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