Journey to the Middle of the Earth in Quito Ecuador – Latitude 00°00’00”

Join us as we remember our past trip to Quito Ecuador!

Quito being the capital, is both the highest constitutional capital elevated 2850m above sea level and the country capital closest to the equator. La Paz with 3,650m is technically the highest, but La Paz is not the constitutional capital, Sucre is. Another interesting fact is that Quito was the first city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

The setting of Quito is visually splendid and it’s charm is well preserved over the years: It lies at the foot of the Pichincha volcano in the hollow of a gently sloping, fertile valley.

We got to enjoy this beautiful city for a week of rest but mainly for Chloe to fully recover.

Enjoy the video!




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