From Medellin to Guatape where Pablo Escobar spent most of his days!

Join us for a tour of Guatape, a colorful Andean resort in Colombia!

Located on the shore of the artificial lake called Embalse Guatapé, the town has become famous among travelers around the world for the fresco-like decoration you will find on the traditional houses. In fact, Guatape is also known as Pueblo de Zócalos, where Zócalos refers to beautiful, vivid molding covering walls and floor.

Also, the surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking, which is a reason more to visit this place. The Rock of Guatapé or La Piedra de El Peñol is one of the town’s main attractions. The landform is a granitic rock remnant that has resisted weathering and erosion for many years. The indigenous Tahamí, former inhabitants of this region, worshiped it, but it wasn’t officially climbed until July 1954.

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