WELLINGTON New Zealand 🇳🇿 Top Things to See & Do Travel Guide

Join us as we take you on a tour around Wellington, visiting the top-rated and must-see attractions in the capital of New Zealand.

1. Our first stop is at Zealandia, Wellington’s wildlife sanctuary. It’s only a 15-minute-drive from the capital and totally worth checking out! It was such an amazing place that we created a full video on our experience and will be releasing it soon.

2. The ever-bustling Cuba Street! People said this was Wellington’s most loved, most colorful, most exciting street full of quirky vintage shops, busy cafés, and incredible street art, and rightly so. Also, getting splashed by the “Bucket Fountain” on Cuba Street and trying a classic Kiwi dessert called Lamingtons are essential experiences here.

3. Another place you don’t want to miss when visiting this capital is the Te Papa Museum. This interactive preserver of New Zealand history features six levels, hundreds of permanent and temporary exhibitions and it’s completely free of charge. You’ll need at least a day to explore this treasure. https://youtu.be/QQNqwkrijGw

4. Now that we are time traveling, our next stop is the Wellington Museum for a quick history lesson of this amazing city.

5. Join us for a walk at the Wellington waterfront where we enjoyed the sunny weather and discovered the Writers Walk full of New Zealand’s best authors’ quotes, a community piano, and the famous “Solace of the Wind” statue. It made us realize that Wellington is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill type of capital. Chantal also tried another “Down Under” staple - the Flat White. For those of you who are wondering what that might be, it’s New Zealand and Australia’s most famous coffee drink.

6. Moving away from the marina, we continued on to the Supreme Court and visited the Beehive - seat of New Zealand’s Parliament. We actually took a tour around the Beehive and ended up surprised by how much fun it was!

7. A drive to Lower Hutt to discover the peaceful beaches and a beautiful sunset is a must while in town!

8. We returned to the Parliament for a live session with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern present. Such a cool experience!

9. We took a cable car ride! At the top we explored the Wellington Botanic Gardens, visited an old-style perfume shop and discovered Wellington’s astronomical observatory sundial.

10. Next on our must-see list was the Weta Workshop. It’s a special effects and prop company that works on Hollywood blockbusters like “The Lord of the Rings”, “Avatar”, “Hobbit” and many others. Look out for an upcoming video on our full experience here soon as well.

11. Talking about movies, we had a totally different experience at the vintage Roxy Movie Theater which felt like stepping back in time.

12. We finished with an escape room at Escape Masters! So much thrill and anticipation as we were trying to find our way out, and we did it with 6 minutes to go!

If you have any other suggestions for places to see and visit in Wellington, please drop us a comment. Enjoy the video!!!

1:46 Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary
2:10 Cuba Street
5:30 Lamingtons - Classic Kiwi Dessert
7:46 Te Papa, New Zealand’s Most Famous Museum
8:02 Wellington Museum
10:50 Winter Weather in Wellington
10:06 Wellington Writers Walk
13:40 The Famous Flat White
14:10 Carter Memorial Fountain
15:40 The Beehive – Seat of Parliament Tour
19:22 Lambton Quay
21:00 Lower Hutt Sunset Over Wellington
23:32 Watching the Parliament in Action
25:20 Wellington Cable Car
27:29 Old Style Perfume Shop
29:50 Sundial of Human Involvement
30:58 Weta Workshop
31:14 The Roxy Cinema
32:40 NZ Penguin Crossing
34:01 “Wellywood” - World’s Southernmost Capital
34:17 Escape Masters Wellington

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