We ROLLED OFF A MOUNTAIN in an Inflatable Ball! Zorb Rotorua New Zealand 🇳🇿

Join us for a double adventure in Rotorua, New Zealand.

It was a beautiful winter day at Lake Rotoiti and we decided to do something we had never tried before!

Just a short 20-minute drive from our Home Exchange, we found the most unique activity imaginable - ZORBING! https://zorb.com/

For this stunt, we partnered with the Zorb™ company founded by two very cool Kiwi dudes, Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis, who invented this adrenaline-pumping “sport” in 1994.


For those of you who have no idea what Zorbing is, the simplest way to put it is “downhill rolling in an inflated ball.” Yes, you read that right!

You jump into a giant inflated ball and you start rolling down the hill slopes - simple yet extremely effective!

The Zorb base had four different tracks, Mega Track, Sidewinder Track, Dual Straight Tracks, and Big Air Track, and we tried them all!!!

They took us on a bus to the top of the hill to spare us from walking up and once we got there - it was time for FUN.

We took turns down the hill one by one or as a group, together in one Zorb. Can you imagine, the girls squeezed together in one giant ball!

There were also heating booths and hot tubs at the top and the base of the hill where we warmed up while waiting our turn. Although mild, it was winter after all.

It was fun! It was new! It was unusual! And we totally loved it!

Plus, the nearby Maori community looked like a place cut out of a fairytale!
But the day was far from over.

On our way to activity #2, we picked up our friend Jessie and headed to the Paddle Board Rotorua base. In partnership with this company, we had one of the most magical paddleboarding experiences. https://www.paddleboardrotorua.com/

Fully geared up, we were back on the lake once again, paddling towards the caves. Once we reached the narrow inlets, we had to squeeze in one by one while trying to maintain balance and not fall into the water.

And if you are wondering why we would go through so much trouble, it was to see some glow worms in the dark caves! Totally Worth It!

As Julia said, this was the perfect end of the night on our most epic day in Rotorua!

0:00 Can You Guess Our Next Activity in New Zealand?
1:13 Rotorua Activities Are Endless
1:35 We Are Going Zorbing in Rotorua!!
2:00 Four Zorbing Tracks To Choose From
2:50 Zorbing is Such a Thrill
3:34 Hot Tubs with a View!
6:24 Julia Conquers the Mega Zorb Track
7:08 Chantal & Chloe, The Dynamic Duo
8:30 Beautiful Maori Community at Lake Rotorua
15:43 On The Way to Another Rotorua Adventure
10:30 Paddleboarding at Night In Glow Worm Caves!
11:10 Let’s Get on the Water With Paddle Board Rotorua
12:50 Discovering The Glow Worm Caves
14:53 Why We Love Rotorua So Much

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