We caught a SHARK! 🦈 Handline FISHING New Zealand 🇳🇿 with Venetian Pros!

Join us as we go fishing 🎣 in New Zealand’s breathtaking Marlborough Sounds!

It was truly an epic day fishing alongside two Venetian brothers from Rovigno - Gino and Piero. Hearing them talk Italian to each other made us feel like we were having an adventure in the Mediterranean even though we set sail from Picton.

We hadn’t even left the marina, and we were already fishing for bait! Forget about rods and nets, we were handlining with pros. Who would have known that authentic fishing can be so much fun?

Chantal found a book on board with all the different species that lived in the Marlborough Sounds and we learned more about the types of fish we could catch.

We were absolutely amazed by how successful we were. We even caught some little sharks, but of course, we returned them in the water.

It turned out to be such a fantastic adventure. We had fun, we learned a bit about authentic traditional fishing and, as a bonus, we even saw some cute seals.

We also learned about the turbulent history of Rovinj Croatia, the hometown of our two kind ‘fishing instructors’ and the double meaning behind their boat’s name, Scoglionato.

More than satisfied, we ended the day with a delicious meal — fish fry, homemade tartar sauce, baked carrots and potatoes, and an apple pie made by our hard-working girls.

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