VISIT SUVA FIJI 🇫🇯 Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Fiji’s Capital City

Join us as we continue our adventure around the Pacific Island of Fiji. Today we are taking you to Suva, the capital of Fiji and the country’s largest city.

Thanks to our partner Avis Car Rentals, we reached Suva in just over an hour. The drive itself was quite pleasant because of the amazing nature and beautiful scenery along the coast.

Grand Pacific Hotel and Thurston Garden

Upon arriving, we first headed to the Grand Pacific Hotel, affectionately known as 'The Grand Old Lady' of Suva. The hotel reminded us of a cruise ship with its open-style interior and a massive pool where guests could go to relax and sip on refreshing cocktails. 

The next stop on the agenda was Thurston Garden - the national botanical garden of Fiji. Even though the weather was super hot and humid, we had a very nice walk around the garden. 

Suva Fiji Biggest Market 

As you probably know, we love visiting local markets and trying fresh produce. So after our walk, we decided to give the biggest market in Suva a try. You guessed it, they had almost every tropical fruit and vegetable possible at very affordable prices. 

Once out of the market, we continued our tour around Suva. Even though the town was small and there was not much to see and do, we still enjoyed every minute we spent exploring it. 

We grabbed some food, checked out the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and stopped by the Presidential Palace. We also learned a lot about the Fijian communal lifestyle, culture, and history. 

BTW, did you know that Fiji was the last cannibal culture in the modern world? Naturally, this tradition ended a long time ago, but the name stuck around for a while, so Fiji was also known as the Cannibal Islands.

Before we left Suva, we made one final stop at the Grand Pacific Hotel for refreshments. Then, as the sun was setting over the ocean, we started on our drive back to the Home Exchange.

Making Our Way Back to Our Home Exchange

Avis Car Rentals made sure we had a comfortable and safe vehicle for the entire duration of our stay in Fiji, so we could discover as much of the island as possible. If you ever visit Fiji, we highly recommend Avis as one of the most reliable car rental companies we’ve worked with. 

On our way, we stopped for groceries at a massive HyperMart and were surprised by the large variety of Asian foods and goods. 

Upon arriving back home, we had a delicious, home-cooked meal waiting for us! This was the first Home Exchange we stayed at with a housekeeper who took care of all our needs around the house and prepared such amazing meals each day.

Stay tuned for our next Fiji adventure, and be sure to follow and subscribe for more interesting videos from our adventures around the world. 

Enjoy the video!

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