The World’s Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens! 🇳🇿 New Zealand

Hi Guys! Join us as we explore one of the coolest places in New Zealand - the Hamilton Gardens

Many people told us to go visit this attraction, but we had no idea it was going to be THIS great! 


Thinking about the fact that it was built on top of what used to be a dump in the 1960s makes Hamilton Gardens that much more awesome!


Let’s Explore the Hamilton Gardens

The best place to start your tour is the information center. They have a huge overview map of the entire gardens where you can see the layout and types of gardens they currently have.

The gardens are located alongside the Waikato River and are divided into five major areas: Paradise Collection, Productive Collection, Fantasy Collection, Cultivar Collection, and Landscape Collection.


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6:10 English Garden


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Instead of focusing on collecting and showcasing large numbers of plants, Hamilton Gardens is all about showing gardens through history, people’s attitudes towards nature, and even their reflection on civilization.

We visited almost every corner of the Hamilton Gardens, and we loved every second of it! Our favorites were the Indian, Japanese, Maori Tribal, Italian, Herb, Chinoiserie, and Surrealistic Alice in Wonderland Gardens.

We saw fountains, mazes, statues, sculptures, hundreds of flowerbeds, countless plants, and much more! As Julia says, it was like the Disney Epcot of botanical gardens!

To finish the tour, we recommend visiting the Hamilton Gardens gift shop and getting a little something to remind you of when you visited this wonderful place.

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