50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Celebrating with a Volcano 🌋 Cake in New Zealand! 🇳🇿

50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you guys for all your support!

It feels incredible how far our family of five has come since our first trip back in 2013.

It all started with the decision to take our girls Julia, Angelique, and Chloe to visit a few countries around Europe for five weeks. “Travel is addictive”, they say, and they’re probably right because that one short trip snowballed into this whole ‘Growing Up Without Borders” YouTube channel and changed our life completely.

A hundred countries later, here we are in New Zealand where we settled during the pandemic.

Thanks to the great work of the government headed by prime minister Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand managed to stay COVID-19 free, thus allowing us to freely explore the entire country. We feel grateful and blessed that we were given the opportunity to keep traveling while the rest of the world has come to a halt.

Sincerely, it sounds unbelievable and we couldn't be more stoked and excited to be sharing this amazing moment with all of you guys since we couldn't get to where we are today without your support!

In honor of this huge milestone, our girls decided to make a celebratory volcano cake, since New Zealand is famous for the many active volcanoes!

The ingredients they used for the batter included milk, butter, eggs, self-rising flour, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and food dye. Full Recipe Coming soon!

First, they buttered two cake pans and preheated the oven to 180℃/356℉.

Next, they mixed the butter and the sugar. It took them some time, but once they were completely blended, the girls added 8 eggs into the mixture, crushing two at a time while mixing them with a hand mixer.

As soon as they had a homogenous mixture, they added 1⅛ cups of self-rising flour, 6 tablespoons of milk, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla and again mixed everything together.

Then they split the batter in two and added 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder in each half, lightly mixing them up (or not, if you ask Chloe) to get a marbled look and then finally transferred each half into the baking pans.

And if you thought everything went smoothly, you were wrong. Halfway through the baking, the girls had to get the pans out, since one of them started leaking.

But we were determined to turn this into a success so we borrowed another cake pan from our dear neighbor and we were back in the kitchen.

Once all 4 cakes were baked and ready, they stacked up the layers spreading some chocolate cream in between and leaving a hole in the middle where we put a cup to hold our surprise ingredient.

As our baking project was coming to an end, the girls decorated the cake with some food dye and orange syrup to mimic the lava.

Chantal added the final touch — dry ice to turn the cake into a real active volcano!

Thank you guys again for helping us reach the 50,000 subscribers milestone. This means so much to all of us and we couldn’t have done it without your views, shares and subscribes.

Here’s to many more to come!

Enjoy the video!!!

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