NEW ZEALAND πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ Snacks & Candy Taste Test – Part 1 of 2 – πŸ˜‹ or 🀒 Challenge

Join Chantal and Tara with KiwiAmericans for Part 1 of the Kiwi Taste Test.

Living in New Zealand for the last five years, there isn't much Tara hasn't tried, but Chantal was in for a few surprises.

For Part 1 of this funny video, they chose a variety of snack foods popular around New Zealand. Most of them were sweets, sodas, and other small bites we don't usually buy for our girls, but they did look tempting.

On the other hand, there were some odd-looking ones that Chantal even hesitated trying.

So let's kick it off with New Zealand's "Green Gold" or the super delicious Feijoa. Unfortunately, they didn't have the fruit itself, so they had the second-best thing - Feijoa Lollies, and they tasted exactly the same. Unbelievable!

Then they moved on to something even sweeter, a Lolly Cake. Although it did smell delicious, the texture was a different story. Both Chantal and Tara didn't like it at all.

They had to wash it down with a fizzy Kiwifruit Drink that almost exploded in Chantal's hands. Oops!

The next thing they tried was the Cookie Time cookies. Did you know that, in New Zealand, only chocolate chip cookies are considered cookies; everything else is a biscuit?

Then there was the Cheerios - a weird-looking sausage that apparently was a party essential in NZ. Chantal hesitated for a second, but only one bite later, and she changed her mind. They reminded her of American hot dogs. But you'd have to agree they do need rebranding!

Back to the sweet department, they tried a Cream Bun - a sweet bread pastry covered in cream. Just don't let Kiwis hear you calling them doughnuts.

Going down the snack list were the vegemite crackers. Vegemite is a thick, dark brown yeast-extract-based spread made with various vegetable and spice additives. You either love or hate vegemite, and Chantal and Tara were not keen on these salty crackers at all.

What Chantal did like, was the Turkish Delight Chocolate. Interestingly, it didn't have the classic chewy Turkish delight texture, but that didn't take away from the taste. It was actually really good.

Next were the Gingernut Biscuits. Chantal thought they were going to be similar to the biscuits we literally lived on while traveling through Africa, but they were not as gingery and a lot harder, more cracker-like.

Another hard, dry biscuit they tried was the Kingston biscuit made of two individual, rounded, coconut biscuits with a chocolate cream filling. However, it smelled better than it tasted.

And last but not least, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter - a creamy, chocolaty spread that's also great for baking. Definitely a great way to close the list.

If you like our little Kiwi taste test, jump to the KiwiAmericans channel for part 2 two and more unique New Zealand snacks.

0:00 - Intro
2:26 - Feijoa Lollies
3:48 - Lolly Cake
4:35 - Kiwifruit Drink
5:39 - Cookie Time Cookie
6:52 - Cheerios
8:39 - Cream Bun
10:12 - Vegemite Crackers
12:06 - Turkish Delight Chocolate
13:10 - Gingernut Biscuits
14:26 - Kingston Biscuits
15:18 - Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

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