Living in Wellington NEW ZEALAND ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ A Day In Our Lives!

Join us for a behind the scenes look at a day in our lives in Wellington New Zealand!

At this point on our journey, we had been in New Zealand for four months and Wellington was our first stop on the North Island. The weather was perfect on arrival, so we spent the first few days exploring the city and filming key attractions including the Waterfront, Mount Victoria, Weta Workshop, Te Papa Museum, the Beehive, Botanical Gardens, Zealandia and more.

During our visit to Wellington, we stayed at a Home Exchange that was central to everything and had an amazing view overlooking the Lyall Bay area.

In this video, we start a typical day in our lives with Chantal waking up the girls on a relaxed Saturday morning.

Chloe, our master chef, decided to prepare a delicious breakfast for us and whipped up some homemade French crepes and freshly brewed coffee.

While we were waiting for breakfast to be ready, Chantal took advantage of the fast internet to upload and back up our recent photos and videos to the cloud.

Having crepes with an amazing view was a next-level experience! Then, after getting ready, it was time to hit the road and do some more exploring.

Wellington has a unique vibe and on this day we drove through an area that felt like we were back in the 1960s. Then we drove down to Lyall Bay and saw surfers enjoying the waves in the middle of winter!

From there we drove around the Miramar Peninsula and through town to get to Mount Kaukau, a steep hill in the northern suburbs. It took us about 45 minutes and a lot of muscle power to reach the top, but the views were totally worth the climb!

Another 45 minutes down the hill and we were back in the โ€œWindy Cityโ€. We did some grocery shopping, prepared a yummy dinner and we got ready to call it a day.

In the evenings, we sometimes catch up on work and like to connect with our community on social media. Then we wind down and watch something fun - in this case a Spanish series on Netflix. ยกMuy bien! and a great way to practice the language ๐Ÿ™‚

And that concludes a day in our lives in Wellington. Stay tuned for more adventures!

0:00 Good Morning from Wellington New Zealand
3:09 How to Make French Crepes
5:49 Breakfast with a View Overlooking Lyall Bay
6:32 Wellington on a Beautiful Day
7:41 Surfing Lyall Bay in the Middle of Winter
8:26 Driving Along the Miramar Peninsula
9:11 The Wellywood Wellington Sign
9:29 Climbing Up Mount Kaukau
12:00 Amazing Panoramic View of Wellington
13:38 Wrapping Up A Day In Our Lives with an Epic Wellington Sunset

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