Living in Picton NEW ZEALAND 🇳🇿 is MAGICAL! 🤩 Catching A Ferry To PARADISE

Join us as we visit the beautiful town of Picton, New Zealand located in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds on the north coast of the South Island.

With stunning Mediterranean-like views and New Zealand's biggest wine region at its doorstep - it’s no wonder why Picton has become a top travel destination in the country. A trip to the South Island without paying, at least, a short visit to this delightful town would be incomplete.

Picton is also an essential transportation and commerce hub in the country. It’s the southern terminus of the ferry that connects the North and South Islands through the Cook Strait. The two ferry companies, Interislander and Bluebridge, offer regular ferry services that run between Picton and Wellington.

During our visit to Picton, we stayed at the Rosewarne House and felt blessed for being able to enjoy the perks of this wonderful home. We literally couldn’t get enough of the stunning views of the entire Waikawa Bay.

We started off our stay by exploring Picton’s downtown area. It gives off the vibe of a quaint little village with not much to do, but it offers breathtaking waterfront views that are hard to forget. The surrounding landscapes even made us feel like we were in Italy!

Next on our schedule was a nice 50-minute-long walk from our accommodation to downtown Picton. Walking through nature was quite easy with all the signs marking the paths and trails. The girls loved it and felt like they were walking through Jurassic Park in some parts with such dense and unique foliage.There are many trails in the area to explore and enjoy by foot or bike.

After the long walk, we found the perfect spot to rest, have a drink, and just take in the view. Once we were back, we enjoyed a quiet evening and the girls loved playing the new game they picked up in town called 'Apples & Apples'.

Our next challenge was the Karaka Point Reserve which offers some of the most picturesque viewpoints in all of New Zealand. A nice drive to the top allowed us to have a short picnic and gather the energy we all needed before the hike.

We soon found ourselves on the Snout Track that led to the famous Queen Charlotte View. On the way there, we continued to notice that the woods in New Zealand are unlike any other, similar to the people in this country who are unique for being so friendly, relaxed, and easygoing.

In the evening, chef Chloe decided to treat us to some homemade Horchata as a nice addition to our new Taco Tuesday Tradition.

Our relaxed days at Rosewarne House gave us lots of time to catch up on video editing, school work and planning for the weeks ahead.

We also had plenty of time to fully explore the town and discover some of its fun attractions including the cinema and aquarium.

We also discovered the Edwin Fox Museum, home to the Edwin Fox Ship — the oldest merchant ship in the World and kind of a forgotten treasure

Picton is a must-see area of New Zealand that will leave you in awe of its beauty and warm-hearted locals.

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