How To Travel and Homeschool – Online Curriculum Benefits With Monarch AOP

Join us as Chantal explains how we manage to homeschool our three girls while traveling the world at the same time.

For this video, we partnered with AOP Homeschool Curriculum - the website we have been using to educate our girls for the past four years.

Our first year of homeschooling on the road had a bit of a learning curve, both for the girls and us as teacher-parents. It also involved dragging around suitcases full of books, since we were using an offline curriculum, and required us to pay for extra luggage on every flight.

Eventually, we found the AOP platform that offers several different curriculums you can choose from. We decided to go with the Monarch online curriculum for its benefits and because we wanted to stop carrying all those books around 🙂

Being the teacher, Chantal can completely customize what the girls are learning. She can also decide what subjects Julia, Angelique and Chloe will be taking and on which days. Thanks to the program's flexibility, we can choose when to start and end the curriculum and plan it around our travel schedule.

Another great feature of this website is that it auto shifts the girls' schedules whenever Chantal assigns or unassigns a subject or adds a field trip. This creates a well-structured calendar for the girls to easily follow..

But if there is one thing that we absolutely love about the Monarch, it would be its ability to auto-grade the girls' assignments as they go through the lessons. You can also create reports and follow your kids' progress with ease.

Along with our AOP partnership, we have received the following link you can use to get a free 30-day trial of this great homeschooling platform.

Please feel free to share your questions and homeschool suggestions in the comments below.

00:00 Traveling and Worldschooling
00:15 Intro
01:05 Getting Started With Homeschooling
01:24 Online Curriculum Benefits With Monarch AOP
02:00 Scheduling Homeschool & Planning Kids School Year
03:15 What It’s Like Being Homeschooled
03:33 Monarch Assignments Are Completely Autograded!
04:05 Monitor Your Kids School Performance
04:11 MonarchA AOP Free Trial Link
04:33 How To Find the Best Homeschool Curriculum

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