Farmers Protest in New Zealand ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ A Howl of a Protest

Join us for our first-ever local protest in New Zealand!

Nationwide farmers' protests have shaken the otherwise quiet and peaceful New Zealand.

Taking place in both the country's rural and urban areas, this protest united farmers who are standing against a series of new environmental regulations imposed by New Zealand's Government.

New Zealand has started implementing environmental protections to manage growing problems with polluted and unswimmable waterways, significant biodiversity loss, unsafe agricultural and industrial methods, and international commitments to reducing carbon emissions.

One of their biggest concerns was a proposed Ute Tax requiring them to switch from diesel to electric trucks and tractors as part of these new environmental goals. Unfortunately, electric utility vehicles are rare, if not non-existent. They are also much more expensive which will make the transition even more difficult.

After meeting a local farmer and public speaker Doug Avery, Chantal and Chloe decided to accept his invitation and experience the protest first hand. Doug wrote the book "The Resilient Farmer" and has made his life work to help farmers overcome depression and deal with failure. Thanks to his enthusiasm, dedication, and efforts, Scotland has implemented the Farmstrong program that has been helping farmers across New Zealand.

According to him, most farmers are not against what the Government is offering, but they believe the decision is rushed, and it's coming at the wrong time.

Farmers left the crop fields and took over the streets across New Zealand, rolling in on their trucks and tractors. In some areas, they even brought their horses and dogs along for a howling event!

They had felt ignored and underappreciated, despite all their efforts to cut down carbon emissions and protect the environment, so they chose a live protest as a way to have their voices heard.

Among the protesters, we found Judith Collins, leader of the opposition and the New Zealand National Party. With agriculture being the backbone of New Zealand, she believes that without farmers, there's no food!

In the end, everyone agrees environmental protection is important, and changes are needed. The difference lies in how both sides see them taking place.

0:00 Farmers Protest in New Zealand
1:06 Meet Farmer and Public Speaker, Doug Avery
2:21 Not Your Typical Protest
3:31 Meet Stuart Smith, National Member of Parliament for Kaikoura
4:19 More People Than Expected
4:40 Meet Judith Collins, Leader of NZโ€™s National Party
4:49 Tractors, Gumboots and Dogs
5:35 Time to Hear Farmersโ€™s Voices
6:34 Agriculture is the Backbone of New Zealand

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