14 Year Old Polyglot Speaks in 27 Languages! 🤯 How We Adopted Cameron

Want to find out how we adopted a polyglot?

Join us for an interview with Cameron, a wunderkind who speaks 27 languages!

For all of you who haven’t had the chance to learn about polyglots, those are people capable of reading, writing, and communicating in 3 or more languages.

Today, the girls and Chantal are interviewing one of them, a gifted teenager from Atlanta, Georgia, who is currently tackling her 27th language at only 14. What an exceptional talent, and you will have the chance to hear her speak multiple languages first-hand!

To give you a little background, a while back, Cameron contacted us with a great idea to start traveling with our family, and we kind of loved it.

That’s why we decided to do this interview to meet Cameron and her Dad, and find out more about who she is and why she loves languages so much.

So, let’s take it away.

It all started at the age of nine when she met a friend from Austria who felt lonely because she couldn’t speak English, so Cameron learned German to help her feel less isolated. She loved the experience, and it took off from there.

Cameron says that it would be a dream come true to travel the world and learn at least a hundred languages!

Her favourite is the Kazakh language, and Japan 🇯🇵 , Vietnam 🇻🇳 , Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 , and Thailand 🇹🇭 are high on her bucket list of places to visit.

Cameron also explained her process, techniques, and the apps she uses while learning a new language. According to her estimate, it takes her about a year to be completely fluent.

We also shared some funny stories from our travels and talked about the language barriers and the difficulty of traveling to places where English is rarely spoken.

With so many languages under her belt, we are sure she is looking forward to a bright future, regardless of what she chooses as a profession.

0:00 We Adopted a Polyglot!
2:06 Meet the Incredibly Talented Cameron
3:29 German
4:55 Japanese
5:19 Spanish
6:50 Russian
8:13 Hindi
8:31 Thai
9:15 Tackling Languages at Only Nine
12:23 How Long it Takes to Learn a Language
13:29 Teaching Languages Online and Travelling
16:35 Top 4 Countries that Cameron Wants to Visit
17:00 100 Languages! Can She do it?
17:24 Sounds like a Native!
19:20 Cameron’s Favourite Language
21:51 What’s the Hardest Language to Learn?
23:37 The Airport Story
26:50 The German Taxi Driver
27:48 Cameron's Other Hobbies
29:32 Experiencing New Foods and Cultures is Exciting
29:54 Choosing Unusual Languages
30:23 The Next Language on the List?
30:37 African Languages
30:59 Cameron’s Words of Wisdom

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