WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE CANADA ??? ❤️🇨🇦 Life Up Here in Canada Is Different

Hi Guys, In this video, we are moving from Mom’s family in Westport to Dad’s parents’ house in Hockley Valley, north of Toronto.



But first, we had to fit all that luggage in the car, and our expert packer Angelique was up to the task. Luckily, our car rental partner, Robile, gave us a Tesla, which came with two trunks, so we made it work! If you want to travel in style, we recommend you check them out 👉 https://Robile.com 

It felt nice driving through Canadian nature, but seeing Nana and Pap made us really happy. Their property is full of memories, and it felt like coming home after such a long time.

Did you know we also have a 90-year-old great-grandma? Her name is Gladys, and we paid her a visit at her retirement home too.

In the evening, we all snuggled in the living room and saw an old movie we used to watch with our grandparents when we were kids.

We also have a great-grandpa, Papa John, to whom we paid a visit as well and spent time with his dog we nicknamed Buttertart.


Exploring Canada with AdventureLabs

Before we go any further, we’d like to tell you about how we explore the world with Geocaching. 


Geocaching is a great way to make traveling more fun and exciting. It adds an extra layer of adventure to our journey and takes us to places we might not have otherwise discovered. By using GPS coordinates and clues, geocaching encourages us to explore new areas and experience different cultures. Their Adventure Lab is a virtual treasure hunt where participants solve puzzles and answer questions at various locations, all while exploring the city.


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Now back to our Canadian adventure!


Time for another Family Reunion

Getting ready for another family reunion, Nana took us on a little shopping spree. We loved that in Canada, you can still find quaint little shops that give you that homey feeling. 


And then, it was time to meet the cousins. Everyone looked different because we had all grown up. We had so much fun together and even recreated some old photos from when we were little kids.


We rarely get the chance to go back to Canada, so we love exploring the small towns and villages tucked inside gorgeous Canadian nature. This time we visited Creemore and enjoyed a delicious lunch together with our grandparents.


Exploring the Ontario Area

Later, we continued towards Collingwood and Blue Mountain - a picturesque mountain village where we rode a crazy rollercoaster through the woods.


Toward the end of our visit, we got together for another Thanksgiving dinner with Dad’s side of the family. Seeing familiar faces and the people we love after four years made this trip that more special. We missed them more than we thought. 


Stay tuned for more videos from our adventure around the world, and don’t forget to hit that bell button to never miss an update!

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