Westport Ontario Canada – Heart of the Rideau Lakes

Welcome to Westport Ontario!!!

Westport Ontario has a very special meaning for us as it is our hometown. This year we decided to visit our family on our way to an event Chantal was speaking at in Chicago. Westport is a wonderful place where you can explore history, natural beauty, relax, and unwind. Westport is an ideal family holiday destination all year-round, with diverse beauty and plenty of recreational activities for visitors of all ages.

Westport is only a 40 minute drive away from Kingston and around 70 minutes from Ottawa. It’s located in a little valley of the Precambrian Shield, quaintly along the Rideau Canal at the west end of Big Rideau Lake. This little village has been a self-governing one since incorporation in 1904 and it has a population of about 700.

It was originally called Manhards Mills, with a downtown core dating back to the 19th century and perfectly preserved. Westport is also part of the UNESCO - recognized Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, an ecosystem for the conservation of biodiversity, with sustainable use.

The Fall Fair we were at was put on by the Westport Free Methodist Church.

For more information visit: www.explorewestport.com

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