Adventures Across Borders: 4 Days, 4 Countries, 2 Buses, 2 Planes, and One Missed Flight!

Hey, Guys! Join us as we leave the idyllic shores of Turkey and set off on an unforgettable adventure back to Canada after what felt like an eternity. While our time by the sea in Bodrum was absolutely enchanting, the excitement of reuniting with our beloved family after four years was through the roof.


Can We Even Enter Canada?

Being away for such a long time meant we also hadn’t renewed our Canadian passports for a while, so we needed to ensure we could first enter the country. Once we sorted out all documents, it was time to get on our first flight home - this time to Bristol, England.


From the moment we stepped foot onto the airplane, a mix of emotions swept over us. The anticipation of what lay ahead, the bittersweet feeling of leaving behind a place that felt like paradise after visiting so many countries in under a year!

Luckily, the flight was uneventful and went well, but customer service at the airport was a different story! Speaking of airports, when we’re traveling, we always use a VPN for security. We found Express VPN to be one of the best!


Flix Bus and Ferry from Bristol (UK), to Paris (France), via London

In Bristol, we jumped on a bus to London, then a ferry that took us across the English Channel to Paris, France, where we spent the night awaiting our flight to Canada and, obviously, enjoying amazing French food.

We Missed the Flight to Canada!

Unfortunately, there was a massive confusion with the schedule, and according to the airport officials, we arrived 30 minutes too late, and the gate was closed! So basically, we missed our flight to Canada and had to pay an extra fee to have them rebooked for the next day.


Eiffel Tower- Enjoying Paris, France

But when life gives you lemons, you better make lemonade. Right? Luckily we were able to find a tiny Home Exchange for the night and got to see the Eiffel Tower and enjoy Paris for a day.


Flight to Canada Part 2 with Corsair - We Made It!

The next morning, we made sure we were up early and arrived at the airport hours before our flight. With a wedding happening in less than 24 hours, there was no chance we would also risk missing the second flight.

After almost 8 hours in the air, we landed in Montreal, Canada! Home sweet home. Actually, not just yet, but we were getting close.

The passport control went fast and smoothly, and we were out the airport door in no time. Before our arrival, we arranged a rental with Robile - Montreal's Leading EV Exclusive Tesla Rentals, who were thrilled to sponsor this video and rent us a gorgeous Tesla for our trip to Canada. 



We carefully went through the ins and outs of a Tesla since it was Chantal’s first time driving one, loaded all our suitcases, and hit the road.

We arrived at our Home Exchange in Kingston three hours later, exhausted but happy to be home after a long time.

Stay tuned and make sure you hit that bell button so you don’t miss our next video, where you get an exclusive chance to see our family and be part of our reunion and wedding.

Enjoy the Video!

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