🇨🇦💍 CANADA WEDDING!!! Emotional Family Reunion After 4 Years of Travel

Hi Guys! Today we are taking you with us to a long-overdue family reunion in Canada, including a wedding, birthday party, and massive Thanksgiving gathering.

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Now back to our Canada adventure!

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since we last saw our family? Crazy, right? Arriving just one day before the wedding meant we had only a few hours to shop for fancy shoes and head to the ceremony.

But first, we had to make a quick stop for some much-needed Tim Hortons coffee, then quickly got back on the road, excited for the big event.

Seeing Our Family After 4 Years

The highlight of our trip was reuniting with our extended family, whom we hadn't seen in over four years! Embracing our cousins, aunts, and uncles, we witnessed the joy and excitement of the wedding celebration.

The weather was perfect, and the venue looked amazing. We really enjoyed the wedding party and the food as well.  We captured precious moments, from the heartfelt ceremony to the group photos, as we congratulated the newlyweds.

During our stay, we made the most of our time together, spending quality moments with our cousins and enjoying the warm hospitality of our relatives. We played games, indulged in homemade comfort food, celebrated important dates, and had soooo much fun together!

What a Canadian Lake View - We Switched Locations!

We explored the picturesque city of Kingston, taking in the charm of its buildings and reminiscing about our childhood memories. Our grandparents (Tyler’s parents) even surprised us with a visit, adding an extra touch of love to our journey.

Midway through our trip, we switched locations, moving to a family cottage by the lake that had the best views ever. We went grape harvesting, took nature walks, and observed the wildlife, completely immersing ourselves in the beautiful Canadian wilderness.

Massive Thanksgiving 2022 Gathering in Canada!

Back to civilization, the girls decided to bond over a good ol’ shopping spree and got some nice outfits.

We concluded our trip with a Thanksgiving celebration, giving thanks for the unforgettable experiences and the love shared among our family.

Stay tuned, and hit that bell button so you never miss any of our fun trips around the world!

Enjoy the video!

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